Management system and self monitoring program

We continuously strive to move beyond mere compliance with local laws and external codes by enhancing our ability to manage both the social and environmental aspects of our strategy. Rather than simply reacting to customer audits, we focus our efforts on building a proactive culture of responsibility via a management system that actively sets rules and identifies any weaknesses or concerns. Representatives from various departments in each of our factories join together to formulate long-term, comprehensive yet pragmatic systems that get adopted by the entire company.

Plan-Do-Check-Act approach

Our management system follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach which allows us to establish the procedures we need to have in place, then implement, continuously monitor and improve.

For more information on our social efforts and performance, please see our latest 2016?Sustainability Report?(pages 18?- 49).

Making generous donations to deserving causes

Every year, TAL Apparel makes significant contributions to non-profit organizations, local authorities, schools and various industry collaboration projects.

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