A Team That's Gone From Strength To Strength

Our specialist team, which started with just 3 people, is now more than 20 strong. TAL Apparel's?customers can benefit from its many years?of world-class supply chain expertise.

As a visionary company committed to constant innovation and reinvention, we have tirelessly strived to offer our customers increasingly effective replenishment models.

Guided by the Market and the Customer

Born in response to market trends, TAL Apparel's Replenishment Solutions team has steadily expanded to keep pace with the needs and demands of our customers.

Through constantly innovating and improving supply chain services, we have won the respect of our customers – and their goodwill and expectations continue to shape and guide us.

We constantly refine our services and replenishment models to meet ever-changing market conditions, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Why choose Us

A Team That Offers World-Class Experience

Many years of developing supply chain management solutions means we bring unique breadth and depth of experience to every situation. This allows us to rapidly identify any areas in your supply chain that can be enhanced, then share insights and best practices that will bring immediate efficiencies.

Committed to constant innovation and reinvention, we constantly refine our services and replenishment models to meet ever-changing market conditions. We continue to be shaped and guided by the needs and expectations of our customers.

Customized Solutions

To serve you better, we take a holistic view of your total supply chain including materials, production and retail networks. We then formulate and customize solutions that fit your unique business challenges to deliver profitable outcomes. If we identify areas that can be streamlined in your supply chain, we commit high-level?skills and operational resources to quickly and effectively enhance these.

Customer-Centric Partnerships

Customer-Centric Partnerships

In partnering with customers as a team, we put ourselves in your shoes.?We stay close to your business, listen to your needs, and continuously evaluate and enhance our services to keep pace with ever-changing market conditions.?

Our customer service staff is?trained to streamline communications and promptly answer your enquiries, and accurately update the real-time status of orders.?


Expert In Execution

We are strong in translating raw market data into operational plans. Delivering customer satisfaction is what motivates us. Passionate about developing the full potential of your supply chain, we rigorously prioritize orders to always meet your demands.

Speedy and Flexible Production

Being able to slash production lead?times down to just 2?weeks, and providing considerable production flexibility, are some of our proudest achievements.

Our customers can make last-minute ordering decisions, pursue sudden market spikes and take full advantage of sudden market volatility.?


A Global Company with Advantageous Global Reach

We have 10?factories located in 6 Asian countries and Africa. This depth and breadth of production allows us to offer our clients a manufacturing site that best suits their business models and geographic needs.

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