Customer Loyalty

1 out of every 3 garment pieces we manufacture is managed using our unique supply chain services.

Most of our customers place great value on our supply chain services, yet a few look beyond TAL Apparel for these as they so completely trust and rely on us.

At TAL Apparel, we consider retaining the same clients year after year to be the best form of recognition.

Global Clientele

Our Replenishment Solutions team services more than 20 major clients all over the world including renowned upscale retailers, wholesalers, and catalog and online businesses. Take-up of our supply chain services within this diverse group is extremely high.

Cutting Lead Times in Half

For our customers, reading actual sales figures before placing a production order is no longer a dream! Thanks to re-engineering key production processes, we have successfully slashed overall lead?times by half, allowing you to better catch the latest sales trends.

Maximize Your ROI

By improving inventory efficiency and thereby maximizing sales opportunities, we help clients maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Increasing Stock Availability

Growing top-line sales is as important as reducing bottom-line costs. In more than 40 recent programs, we achieved an average 8% increase in stock availability, helping our clients capture maximum sales.?

Sell More With Less Outlay

In more than 40 recent programs, we helped clients trim inventory and improve inventory turnaround by over 30% on average. Less capital tied up in inventory means clients can pursue new business opportunities.

Industry Awards

For our expertise, we have been awarded countless accolades. These ascertain our capabilities as?a leader in our?field of supply chain management.

See Our Awards.

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